Green Prosthetics Feet.  Made from all natural materials. 

The GameChanger VSC and LP were designed for K1-k4 level ambulators who desire a
Dynamic, Energy, Balanced foot with Adaptability (DEBA). GCF philosophy are designed without compromising durability or increased foot weight. The energy transfer from GCF gives unmatched smooth rollover and multiaxial function during the gait cycle.

The innovative design of the VSC range makes it adaptable for all activities using an
adjustable vertical shock concept. The DEBA Design includes a Male proximal pyramid
attachment that has 13mm of AP slide with 10 degrees of ML rotation.

All GCF are resistant to any known chemicals or harsh environmental barriers around the globe giving it an IP67 rating.


Frequently asked questions

What makes this foot so durable?

This proprietary composite has been tested for amputees which allows us
to customize up to a 500 pound person.

Suggested Billing Codes?

VSC and LP – 5986 and 5987
Jet 3 – 5981 and 5986
Jet 2 – 5972 and 5986

What is your DEBA Design Composite?

GCF incorporates proprietary composite materials which includes a
flexible resin system used in marine helicopter seat structure, military
helicopters and gulfstream jets.

How does your new design differ from other prosthetic feet in the market?

In addition to the DEBA design composite material, the adaptability
feature is that prosthetists can change and adjust the foot on the fly
influencing the heel shock to meet individual customized comfort within

Patient field trials have reported improvements in comfort, stability and
balance. Initial reactions to the DEBA Design is excitement when
experiencing the flexible and balanced foot with an exceptionally smooth

Why are these feet available for any K Level?

The proprietary material allows a low K Level amputee to progress
through the gait cycle without excessive compensatory actions. The light-
weight dynamic flexibility encourages natural walking and gives a smooth
action through midstance and toe off.
For higher K Level amputees, the dynamics and adaptability have allowed
for a return of their active daily living.


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